Nomadic Life

Useful tips and advice for digital nomads and expat, for living abroad or location independent.

Travel is one of the most exciting things we can experience in our life as humans. We wish our journey can last for months, years or even forever. That's when we start thinking about the pros and cons, the why and how.

After decades of experience, I can tell you this is doable and sustainable. This is the nomadic life and with my tips, you will learn how to effectively keep this lifestyle. It's a kind of life that has its disadvantages, but it also offers big benefits that only nomadic life can give you.

In this section, I include what I learned during years spent living and working while travelling the world. Keep reading if you would like a reply to these questions.

  • How can I find temporary stays everywhere, moving from country to country?
  • How can I save money living as a nomad?
  • How can I stay on holiday for a long time containing my expenses?
  • How can I work remotely earning enough to stay far from home?
  • Where can I find affordable housing around the world?

Come here regularly to find fresh tips and discover the best travel jobs, how to work as a remote freelancer, how you can start a blog and earn money from blogging, what are the best blogging tips and opportunities online, and much more.

Nomadic living should be easy and my mission is to make your dream become true.

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