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The Best Online Business Tools That Make the Difference

The best online business tools for bloggers, digital marketers, Youtubers, Instagrammers, podcasters, coaches and teachers who sell courses online or webinars. Here are my favourite tools that I use to skyrocket my online business.

Welcome to the online business resources section of This is a personally curated list of the best online tools to launch and grow your online business. 

I tested every tool described on this page and currently, I'm using some of them here. These resources are vital to running this blog successfully. Therefore, I fully recommend them for yours as well.

Nowadays, starting an online business is within everyone's reach. But be careful. Using the wrong tools or skipping just a step in the process can ruin the whole work you've already done. I explained that better in my post about “How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online“.

This is a list of the best online business tools available on the market and that I recommend for every category of use. Some of them offer similar services. But for every tool, you'll discover the specific function that makes it the best.

Before starting, I give you two valuable tips.

  1. Stop thinking tools are a cost. There are still too many people with a bad entrepreneurial attitude. If you want to be successful, you must have the right mindset: you are a digital entrepreneur and using tools is an investment and NOT a cost! In fact, without the proper tools, you'll have little chance of success. For instance, by using data analytics tools, you can understand your audience behaviour. This will help you define the right marketing strategy.
  2. Determine the cost of each service correctly. Some all-in-one tools look expensive, but they are cheaper than you may think. In fact, they usually offer 4 to 5 services at a single price. Instead, you'll spend much more if you buy different tools for each service (website, email marketing, landing pages, SEO, etc.).

Here are some concrete examples of what could happen if you don't choose and use the right tools.

  • Poor hosting: you'll get slow server speed and web page loading. Consequently, users will soon abandon your website and never return.
  • No automatic email responder: you can't interact in real-time with users (potential clients) and create a mailing list. So users won't turn into customers, and you'll lose 2/3 of your potential revenue.
  • Not using an excellent SEO tool: you can't find the right topics and keywords to attract the user's interest. And you can't even keep track of your competitors.
  • No Sales Funnel tool: you won't make many sales, although you have an excellent mailing list.
  • No social media management tool: you can't handle more social pages simultaneously (4 or 5). So you can't plan, schedule, and organise all your posts in advance – and you'll waste time and money.

Can you now understand the advantages of choosing and using the right tools? They allow you to create targeted campaigns and transform users into customers. They also let you save a lot of time. And remember, time is money, especially for freelancers.

Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links that may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you (indeed, in some cases, you may get discounts that otherwise you wouldn't have). These are the best tools to help you make money blogging. This list is the result of over 12 years of direct experience in digital marketing management. I really appreciate you using these links as they allow me to run this blog and provide you with free fresh content regularly.

Best Online Business Tools – My Selection

Chemicloud Best Online Business Tools for Hosting

#1 For Web Hosting.

Chemicloud is where I'm hosting my website right now. Why do I prefer this company and its services over the others? It offers one of the fastest, most secure and reliable cloud hosting service I've ever tried in my 12+ work experience as digital marketing and SEO manager.

Its customer service has been always fast in solving my problems (if any): it responds in ten minutes and fixes any issues. So my website is always up and running – and I can sleep soundly at night.

ChemiCloud provides one of the most intuitive and simple control panel I've ever used in my life: even beginners can learn how to manage their website overnight. Last but not least, all this high-quality service is cheaper than its competitors.

#1 For Opt-in Forms.

Do you want to make your online business profitable? You need to convert your website traffic into sales. For this, I use OptinMonster, the most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the world. I use it to grow my mailing list, get more leads, and increase my sales.

OptinMonster is super easy to use and offers 100+ templates to create your opt-in form, with a drag-and-drop builder for customisations, A/B testing, targeted campaigns, and analytics features.

Once you connected OptinMonster to an email marketing tool such as Constant Contact and decided what to offer to your audience (free stuff, discounts, exclusive resources, etc.), you can start collecting leads vital to your business.

Constant Contact Best Online Business Tools and Software for Email Marketing

#1 For Email Marketing.

I like using Constant Contact to save precious time and make my conversion explode. I do that through personalised email marketing campaigns and good-looking targeted automated messages.

Thanks to Constant Contact, I can choose among 100+ templates, create, manage, and schedule recurring newsletters, A/B testing, coupons, event registrations, polls and surveys.

Through its real-time email tracking tools, I can see who opened, clicked and shared my emails and get other useful insights. In this way, I can optimise the message, segment the contacts, and make my email marketing campaigns more effective.

Leadpages Best Landing Page Tool

#1 For Landing Pages.

Would you like to turn visitors into clients? Leadpages helps you create web pages that can improve your conversion rate by 10x while reducing the cost per lead.

Why do I recommend Leadpages? Because of its real-time conversion tips, performance predictions before publishing, A/B testing, and simplified analytics.

Here are the other main features. An SEO-friendly, drag-and-drop no-code page builder, sales funnel elements to collect qualified leads, integration with the most popular tools and apps I already use (something that helps me save time and avoid trouble).

Semrush Best All In One SEO Tool

#1 For All-In-One SEO.

Semrush allows you to discover the right keywords and topics to attract the users' interest. These are the basics for creating content that matters. Semrush has a powerful feature to do competitors, keywords, and topics research in minutes, all in one platform.

For me, this tool is a big time saver. For example, I can use Semrush in place of multiple different tools such as Google Trends, Keyword Planners, Moz, SimilarWeb, and Hootsuite.

So how does it work? Semrush gathers billions of data from the Internet and analyses it to provide you with the best recommendation for content marketing, online ads and SEO. The result? Online visibility improved in days and not years.

Socialpilot Best Social Media Marketing Tool

#1 For Social Media Marketing.

Today, social media is essential to any business regardless of its size and industry. But if you want to stand out from the crowd and get sales from social media, you must manage them properly and professionally.

SocialPilot is a great tool to manage and analyse your social media marketing activities. You can make them more efficient and reach as many people as possible.

SocialPilot offers many features. Let me list the main ones.

  • connection with nine social media networks and 100+ profiles;
  • automated sharing and scheduling of up to 500 posts simultaneously;
  • reliable customer service;
  • data analytics;
  • content ideas and suggestions;
  • affordable price.

Surferseo Best Content Writing SEO Tool

#1 For SEO Content Writing.

When you create contents for your website and blog, your copy must be good for the Search Engines. Otherwise, it will be invisible. Surfer is an excellent SEO software that can help with that. In this way, you won't waste time and money.

Surfer works with any language. It analyses your content in real-time to assign a score so that you can write a compelling copy that will eventually appear on the first page of Google.

The result? Users will see your website, read your pages, and buy your products/services eventually or let you earn through advertising.

Grammarly Best Online Business Tools for Automatic Proofreading

#1 For Automated Proofreading.

A text full of grammar and syntax errors gives a bad user experience. By consequence, the Search Engines penalise your website. So make sure you write an error-free copy, especially if you are not a native speaker. Grammarly is my favourite tool for the English language. It helps me write better text everywhere (Linkedin, Facebook, emails, documents, and so on).

Grammarly works with four English accents (British, American, Canadian, and Australian). It gives you real-time suggestions, definitions, and synonyms to improve your grammar, spelling vocabulary, tone of voice, fluency, mood, and so on.

Is Grammarly easy to use? Yes, indeed. Just install the browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge). It even works with Microsoft Office through the dedicated add-on.

Canva Best Visual Content Tool

#1 For Visual Content. Simplified.

Canva is an online platform that allows everyone to create professional graphics. It helps you create stunning documents without having any technical skills. Canva offers templates for every type of design, from social media posts, brochures and business cards to stickers, presentations, and stunning videos.

The free version is a bit limited. But the subscription plan comes with a complete package to create, customise, share, and use every graphics immediately.

I suggest you use Canvas to:

  • overcome a creative block;
  • make the graphic design process faster;
  • fill the gap in graphic design with a ready-to-use solution for marketers, entrepreneurs, and salespeople.
TubeBuddy Best Youtube Marketing Tool

#1 For Youtube Marketing.

TubeBuddy is ideal for YouTube managers and creators. It helps you optimise your YouTube videos, accelerate the views, and improve their rank.

Here are some cool features I like.

  • Keywords suggestions for better ranking on both YouTube and Google;
  • Full SEO check;
  • Research on video tags, trending topics, and competitors;
  • Video performance deep insights.

Fourstazz Media Best Influencer Marketing Tool

#1 For Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing. It demonstrated itself as a successful promotion tactic for any business regardless of its size and type.
Fourstarzz influencer marketing platform helps you design and manage a proper influencer marketing campaign through either an all-inclusive managed service or a self-service subscription plan.

Instead of doing everything by yourself (which is definitely time-consuming and expensive), you have everything at your fingertips within one platform populated with half a million credible influencers. Fourstarzz is useful for Influencer Discovery, Influencer Management, Campaign Management, and Influencer Prediction Analytics.
I recommend Fourstarzz because of its:

  • Depth of data on the influencers (to make the right decisions);
  • Automated campaign creation and prediction tool with recommendations and analysis based on both your input and data on influencers;
  • Affordable price.
Podia Best Online Business Tools for Online Courses e Digital Download

#1 For Online Course & Digital Download.

Podia is an all-in-one business platform and offers many services (website and landing page creation, email marketing, webinars, online courses sales tools, affiliate marketing and more).
Compared to its competitors (around 20 analysed), Podia offers the best value for money.

I recommend Podia mainly for online coaches and teachers (beginner and seasoned). In fact, it offers tools optimised for getting the most out of online courses and downloadable digital products.

  • Online course building, selling and management;
  • Sales page no-code building for digital downloads;
  • Webinar hosting and selling;
  • Live chats;
  • Membership plans creation for recurring income or lead generation;
  • Zoom meeting selling;
  • Etc.

Although Podia is best for online teachers and coaches, you may adapt its features to any business so that you have all the tools at a single price.

Buzzsprout Best Podcast Tool

#1 For Launching Podcasts.

In the land of digital nomads and remote working, podcasting is getting more and more relevant. Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform with advanced features to help you promote and track your podcast.

Buzzsprout allows you to distribute/feed your creations across the main directories so that you can reach millions of potential listeners (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, Stitcher, and many more).

All you have to do is creating and uploading your audio. Buzzsprout will take care of all the rest. And with podcast statistics, you can optimise your work and see what works and what doesn't.

#1 For Hosting Webinars.

Livestorm is ideal for creating engaging online events (webinars, virtual meetings, video conferences, onboarding sessions, product demo presentations, virtual learning and more). It's browser-based and doesn't need any mobile or desktop app installed on your device.

Livestorm offers all the necessary tools to host, manage and analyse live events. It's very versatile and adaptable to many needs. Here's what I really appreciate.

  • It's browser-based (just a link to click on);
  • It helps you create attractive landing pages for registration;
  • The analytics tool after the webinar is like gold.

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