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Every place you visit has its unique characteristics and one or more reasons for which you decided to visit it. Wherever you go, either to the city or nature, if you'd like to bring back home – and keep until the end of your life – something that reminds your extraordinary experience, you need to take photos that capture the essence of your trip and evoke all the emotions you felt during your adventure.

I created this place to give you useful tips on how to take the best photos around the world. Whatever is your destination, it's essential you know all the spots that worth being captured on camera.

But beautiful photos don't come just with the push of a button. You need more. That's why you will also find recommendations on the best travel gears and cameras and where, when, and how to use them. Every place has its climate, light, and colours. Therefore, you must know the different settings and tools to get the most out of your photographs.

What would you like to visit? Landscapes, mountains, the Oceans, lakes, rivers, beaches, fish and corals, cities, buildings, monuments, streets, people, local events, food? This is the right place where you can learn how to catch them all perfectly on camera. Welcome to my travel photography tips area.

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Photography Tips

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