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From adventurous Central America with its Maya and Aztec ancient civilization to exotic Southeast Asia with its peculiar traditions and spectacular beaches, passing through freezing Northern Europe and its colourful and magical Aurora Borealis, this is the place where you can start knowing and exploring all the wonderful destinations our planet has to offer.

Whether you prefer to find detailed information about a continent or a few tips on a specific geographic area, this section will help you find them all. I’ll propose to you the top destinations I had the pleasure to visit and study.

Would you like to find the best place for your holiday this year? I’ll reveal you the one that best fits your criteria (season, budget, climate, and so on).

Are you looking for a location good for a long stay or just a short period? Visit this section to discover what you can visit in few days or where you should stay for weeks or even longer so that you can enjoy the real essence of the place without regrets and bringing home memories rich in unforgettable experiences.

Every destination has its attraction, either it’s a remote place in wild Africa or a popular metropolitan city in the US. How you will enjoy your journey will depend on what you visit, when and how. I'll guide and help you make the right decision to eventually visit the places in a way you have never done before.

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