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Everybody loves travelling whatever is the destination. But not everyone is travel savvy. For this, you need years – many years – of experience and passing through mistakes and solved problems.

In this section, I gathered all I learned in decades of travel and nomadic life around the world. Special tips, personal tricks and daily hacks to survive a trip, avoid troubles or overcome them. This is the reference section if you would like to know how to save as much money as possible in accommodation, travelling, eating, and everything concerning your travel experience.

You’ll learn how to find and book the best flight or hotel, or how to rent the perfect car. You'll also discover how to get ready for your fantastic journey. You can come back here every time you want to know how to pack your things and bring them with you properly. You can visit this page to discover what’s the best luggage solution for specific types of holidays. And there's more.

Travel is enjoyment, but there’s no fun if you get sick. So I will share with you my guides to staying healthy, avoiding dangerous diseases or coping with them, to keeping safe from scams or other risky situations.

I want your travel to be special and that your experience starts already from here.

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