The Best Travel Photography Equipment to Use in 2024

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Discover all the tools and accessories to make your travel photography easier, more efficient, and professional: laptops, software, bags, tripods, cleaning tools, and more. Here's the best travel photography equipment in 2021.

Photography is often one of the main activities you do when you travel regardless of the reason. If you wish your images to stand out from the crowd (especially if you want to use them for work) while making the process more comfortable, you must use the best tools. This travel photography equipment guide will tell you what you should use and where to find the best deals.

Travel Photography Genres

Do you love photography and visiting places all around the world? For any scenario, there's a style and when we talk about travelling, we can identify four main genres: landscapes, street, reportage, and nature photography. Each genre has different styles and requires different devices and equipment. So let's see what kind of photography you can do on travel.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is the art of capturing the “soul” of nature and the outdoor. A good landscape photographer takes pictures that make the viewer feel into the scene and, in some way, connected to the emotions the artist felt during the shot.

Landscape photography is broad and can include snowy mountains, colourful hills, vast lands with lush vegetation, white-sand beaches, coastlines, ancient structures, industrial or rural areas, city skylines, and so many more. All of them have something in common: immerse the viewers – and their minds – inside the picture. Good landscapes photography can create the illusion of travelling into another land.

Street Photography

It's also called candid photography and features random incidents and scenes taken in public spaces. Contrary to what the name may let you think, street photography often includes people caught on camera during their everyday activities. Street photography is rarely staged. So capturing exclusive moments requires patience and, sometimes, enough courage to approach strangers if you need their permit (especially if they are recognizable or you are photographing kids).

This photography genre is not limited to streets, but can also include scenes at the museum, coffee shop, beach, shopping mall, train station or on public transportation services. To make your street photography creative and amazing, you must follow all the good rules of composition and play with lines, symmetry, contrast, light, negative space, frames, etc. Your objective is to merge random disconnected incidents and form a whole that transmits a message.

Reportage Photography

Also known as documentary photography, this genre requires a photo-journalistic approach. In this genre, the photographer capture unique images that, more than others, tell a story and candidly capture real events. A good reportage photographer shoots powerful images to catch and convey the atmosphere felt at the moment so that the viewer can feel inside the scene and experience the event through the images.

Some examples are a demonstration on the square, concert, party or parade. Since every moment missed won't repeat, a good reportage photographer must be quick and attentive, laser-focus on the situation and participants and how they interact with each other. He/she must try to anticipate the events to be ready when the right moment comes.

Nature Photography

Natural photography is a wide genre including landscapes, plants (garden photography) and animals (wildlife photography). In both cases, you take pictures outdoor and display natural elements, scenes, and texture. Generally, natural photos are published in travel, scientific, and cultural magazines such as National Geographic.

Most of the time, natural photography focuses on the wildlife where animals are photographed in action in their environment (for example during eating, fighting or flying). This genre requires a lot of patience and the use of middle to high-end equipment such as expensive lenses. Therefore, you need advanced photography skills that an average travel photographer may not have.

The Best Travel Photography Equipment

Main Equipment for Travel Photography

Main travel photographer equipment

Camera and Lenses

Travel Cameras

When you travel, either for leisure or work, you have many options to take amazing pictures on the go. The first thing you need is a camera. Which one is the best for you depends on many factors: your budget, taste, style, and photography genre. But the choice can be not so easy as you must consider many things: how photography and cameras work, the pros and cons of each device, and more.

I decided to make things easier for you. In this article, I explained what are the best travel cameras in 2020 with 15 models for all budgets (with all the essential features, benefits and disadvantages).


They are also called photography lenses and are an essential complement to any camera. They are the easiest way, for a photographer, to manipulate, change, and improve the quality of an image. While anyone can take a simple photo, knowing how to use the various camera lenses can transform your picture into a real piece of art.

The lenses market is complex and vast with so many types, brands, and models. Each of them serves its purpose and which one to use depends on your budget, style, habit, taste, and type of photography. That's why photographers always carry many lenses to use with different subjects and styles.

Combinations can be almost limitless but once you know them, you can find the right setting for your specific situation. As a quick and easy guide, have a look at the following table where I explain when you should use the various camera lenses depending on the focal length and type of photography.

Main uses of lenses divided by focal lengths





Fish-eye Lens (Ultra wide angle Lens)

Panoramic shots, cityscapes, landscape, real estate, abstract.


Wide angle Lens

Interiors, landscapes, architecture, forest photography.


Normal Lens

Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, and even Sports photography

35, 50, 85, 135mm

Standard Prime Lenses

Portraits, weddings, street photography or documentary photography.


Macro Lens

Ultra detailed photography with a 1:1 ratio (rings, nature, insects)


Telephoto Lens

Sports, wildlife, astronomy.


Super-Telephoto Lens

Action shots, sports, wildlife, astronomy

My Suggestion Kit for Casual Photographer

My Suggestion Kit for Beginner Photographer

My Suggestion Kit for Enthusiast Photographer

My Suggestion Kit for Advanced Photographer

My Suggestion Kit for Photographer who Also Make Videos

Lightweight Laptop

Dell XPS 13 9380

Dell XPS is one of the best laptops for travel photographers, either professionals or hobbyists. It's the smallest yet powerful 13-inch laptop and makes a perfect companion for any content creator that, by nature (or necessity) already travels with at least 10 kilos of photography equipment.

But let the main features speak for us: 1.23kg (less than a MacBook Air), 8th-generation Intel i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, 4K UHD touch display; a solid aluminium case cut from a single block, and a long battery life. So you get a fast robust and lightweight high-quality laptop for a fair price.

Camera Bags

Travel photography necessarily requires a bag, unless you just use a smartphone or compact camera for which your pocket is enough. But here, I'll be focusing on more demanding photographers, from hobbyists to professionals who need to carry on multiple gears and accessories. Below, I suggest the best camera bag deals for each type of photographer: “casual”, beginner, enthusiast, and advanced.

Best Camera Bag for Casual or Street Travel Photographers

Manfrotto Lifestyle NX CSC Messenger Blue

Dimensions: 29x11x20 cm | Weight: 0.4kg | Lenses: 2 | Raincover: No | Padded hip belt: No | Tripod storage: No | Laptop compartment: No | Tablet compartment: Yes

I suggest the Manfrotto Camera Messenger to street photographers, who travel with a few things, and “casual” photographers who just shot from time to time (for example, when they go on holiday for a week or visit a capital city for a couple of days).

This bag is specifically designed for mirrorless cameras and features enough room for two lenses and personal items. The top opening is large and easily accessible while the dividers are removable. In addition, a dedicated compartment can safely host your tablet.

Best Camera Backpack for Beginner Travel Photographers

Lowepro Fastpack BP 150 AW II

Dimensions: 31.0×26.0x50.0 cm | Weight: 1.8kg | Lenses: 4 | Raincover: Yes | Padded hip belt: Yes | Tripod storage: Yes | Laptop compartment: 15in | Tablet compartment: Yes

Lowepro Fastpack II series is perfect for the everyday use of most beginner travellers who don't want to give up on photography, comfort, and creativity carrying several accessories. This backpack can store a DSLR camera with up to 200mm lens plus three additional lenses or flashes, a 15-inch laptop, tablet and other devices such as a smartphone, hard drive, and headphones.

You don't have to worry about comfort thanks to a padded removable waist belt, a compression strap to secure the backpack to a trolley, a built-in All Weather AW Cover, and a mesh side pocket to hold a bottle or tripod base.

Best Camera Backpack for Enthusiast Travel Photographers

Lowepro Whistler Backpack 450 AW II

Dimensions: 31×30.2×57.2 cm | Weight: 3.3kg | Lenses: 4 | Raincover: Yes | Padded hip belt: Yes | Tripod storage: Yes | Laptop compartment: 15in | Tablet compartment: Yes

Lowepro Whistler 450 is a mid-size middle to high-quality backpack ideal for outdoor adventure photographers who love the mountain. Do you like photographing the wilderness and need to travel with all the gear required by this genre? This backpack is your choice with room for a camera, lenses, video devices (GoPro or similar) or drones, a 15-in laptop or tablet, personal items, and functional outdoor gear.

Since you like adventurous journeys, this is the bag I suggest because of its high-performance materials and technology that can protect your gear in any environment: ActivZone, Max Fit, SlipLock technologies, waterproof barrier, drain holes, detachable All Weather AW Cover, and multiple attachment points to secure heavy gear such as snowboard and skis.

Best Camera Backpack for Advanced Travel Photographers

Shimoda Action X70 Kits

Dimensions: 31x59x23 cm | Weight: 3.7kg | Lenses: 9 | Raincover: No | Padded hip belt: Yes | Tripod storage: Yes | Laptop compartment: 16in | Tablet compartment: Yes

The Action X70 is a high-end travel kit and it's one of the most resistant and spacious backpacks for professional or enthusiasts photographers with advanced skills. It's your ideal companion if you travel with a lot of gear and go for a long trip in rugged or wild areas such as mountains, the savanna, jungle, etc.

The Action X70 backpack can accommodate larger Cine, Digital Video and DSLR camera kits with lenses, drones, and more. If you are a very demanding photographer, you won't need to leave anything behind thanks to an expandable roll-top that can add 7 litres of volume to the bag. And for those who love breathtaking pictures in remote locations waiting for the sunrise, the Action X70 also makes a great camping bag. It doesn't come with a rain cover though, but it's made of water-resistant material and features a waterproof bottom panel.

Spare Batteries and Battery Charger

Batteries are an essential part of your camera and you can't neglect them if you don't want to miss your shots. What if your battery dies right when you are in front of the most beautiful scene of the day? The solution is simple: getting some spare batteries. Every camera comes with its original battery and each of them is different. But they are a lot and the original ones are usually quite expensive. Therefore, both enthusiasts and professional photographers often buy compatible batteries.

Following, I reveal to you some good battery charger sets that can save your day (and money). Although they may be called “universal”, they don't really cover all the battery models: there are hundreds of them and a one-fit-all solution is pretty impossible. But this battery chargers selection can cover most of the Sony, Nikon, and Canon cameras usually found out there.

Memory Cards

You need a memory card if you want to take and keep your pictures. This is obvious and you surely know that already. But which one to choose? It's all a matter of size, speed, compatibility, and price tag.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card

SanDisk is one of the most popular brands and its memory cards are reliable and of high quality. Here, I'm suggesting a 64GB memory card since it can meet most of the photography needs at a fair price. But if you shoot a lot and need more space, SanDisk won't disappoint you. Just click and choose the capacity you prefer among 32GB, 128GB, 256GB and 1TB.

Card Reader

Once you get the best memory card, you need to read the content properly and exploit your card speed entirely.

Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader

The Lexar Professional Dual-Slot Reader supports USB 3.0 technology and offers high-speed file transfers up to 500MB/s.

It supports multiple card formats: the latest UDMA CompactFlash (including UDMA 7), SDXCTM, and SD UHS-I/UHS-II (SD 3.0).

Last but not least, this card reader enables concurrent and card-to-card file transfers.

Photography Learning Resources

There are tons of photography courses you can attend, but I'd like to suggest the one I consider the best online photography course ever: KelbyOne. It offers both single classes and cheap monthly subscription plans. The result is always the same: learning how to become a great artist from real pro photographers, designers, artists, and teachers.

Accessories for Specific Functions for Travel Photography

Camera on tripod

Camera Tripod

Camera Tripods can transform your photography adding also different shooting styles impossible without camera support. Just think about time-lapses, panoramas, traffic trails, long exposure, water flows, stars movement, and much more. Although camera stabilization systems are getting better and better, a tripod can guarantee you the best support for perfectly sharp images (especially with high megapixels).

JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit

The GorillaPod 5K is a flexible tripod ideal to place your camera on rough, irregular and difficult surfaces (included tree branches). This model can hold up to 5Kg (11 lb). Therefore, it's perfect to hold even the heaviest pro reflex cameras.

I really appreciate the JOBY GorillaPod for its versatility, making it a great option for smartphones too and shooting videos. Its flexibility offers the perfect hand grip for vlogging.

Manfrotto Befree Advanced

This Manfrotto Befree is ideal for both beginner and enthusiast photographers with mid-level skills and usage. It's a very well-made 4-section carbon fibre tripod with sturdy legs (and base) and a max payload of 8Kg (17.64 lb). The Befree Advanced tripod is lightweight and compatible with many types of cameras, making it a perfect companion for most travel photographers. Check all the features and reviews.

Gitzo Traveler Tripod Kit Series 2 GK2545T-82QD

The Traveler Tripod Kit by Gitzo is made of carbon fibre and can hold up to 11.79Kg (26 lb). It's one of the best on the market for professional photographers.

What do I like most? The superior quality and finish, the stability and lightness together with the ability to fold down to 16.5 inches. This means I can do international trips with it with no hassle. This is something quite important when I travel around the world, I see all those beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, but my camera (even if high-end) can't render it completely – especially during the night – just because I left a good tripod at home (whatever the reason).

Filters for Camera Lenses

Photographic filters are tools used in photography to create peculiar effects during shooting or to shoot in particular conditions. By applying filters in front of the lens, the sensor changes the light perception and creates unique variations. This adds value to the photo enriching it with modified colour tones.

The photographic filter is mounted on the lens and can have different types of mounting: circular screw or plate. Optical filters are built of different materials that affect their quality. They can be made of optical glass or plastic material such as resin.

You can find different types of optical filters on the market. They offer a wide range of effects. The best photographic filter for your kit depends on the photographs you want to take and on the atmospheric and environmental conditions in which you mainly are.

Here's a brief list of five types of existing filters with their practical applications (in the future, I'm going to write a more specific and comprehensive article about filters).

  • Polariser: it allows you to eliminate unwanted reflections from the scene such as light trails that reflect on water, glass and other smooth and reflective materials;
  • Neutral density (ND): it's a uniformly grey filter that reduces the amount of light entering the lens. It's particularly suitable for landscape photography because it eliminates the differences in lighting between the various areas of the scene you want to photograph;
  • Graduated neutral density (GND): it's an ND filter with the dark grey layer distributed gradually over the surface rather than uniformly. It's mainly used for landscape photography when the environmental situation has very strong differences in light between sky and earth or vice versa;
  • Variable neutral density (VND): it has the same function as the ND, but with the ability to adjust the opacity and, by consequence, the number of stop being retrieved;
  • Infrared (IR): it's a special filter with a very dark appearance, almost like a highly absorbent ND. It's used to “simulate” an infrared shot.

In the past, there were also UV filters and Colour Temperature Conversion filters. But with the advent of digital technology, they disappeared.

As for filter manufacturing companies, I have no doubts. NiSi is the best photographic filters manufacturer in the world. NiSi is an Italian company that produces and markets circular screw and plate filters and optical products of the highest quality. NiSi sells both single filters and specific kits for compact cameras, lenses up to 100 and 150 mm in diameter, drones, and video cameras. Below, I show you some very interesting kits.

NiSi Filters and Holders for Compact Cameras

Professional Kit for Sony RX100VI/VII

– Easy to install aluminium alloy filter holder
– It supports two square filters
– 360 ° rotation and no vignetting

The kit includes:

  • Holder
  • 3 Stop Medium GND8
  • ND8 3 Stop Filter
  • NiSi Natural Night
  • HD Polariser
  • Bag

Professional Kit for Ricoh GR3/2

– Easy to install aluminium alloy filter holder
– It supports two square filters
– 360 ° rotation and no vignetting

The kit includes:

  • Holder
  • 3 Stop Medium GND
  • ND8 3 Stop Filter
  • NiSi Natural Night
  • Polariser
  • Bag

Professional Kit for Fujifilm X100 Series

– Easy to install aluminium alloy filter holder
– It supports two square filters
– 360 ° rotation and no vignetting

The kit includes:

  • Holder
  • 3 Stop Medium GND
  • ND8 3 Stop Filter
  • NiSi Natural Night
  • Polariser
  • Bag

NiSi Starter Kit Plus V6 for 100mm Plate Filters (III Series)

This NiSi starter kit offers all you need to take true-to-life colour pictures, including a pouch, cleaning tools, and a lens cap. Here's the full list of what you get with this amazing kit.

  • V6 holder
  • Medium GND 0.9 (3-stop)
  • Reverse GND 0.9(3-stop)
  • Nano multicoated IR ND 1.8 (6-stop)
  • Nano multicoated IR ND 3.0 (10-stop)
  • 82mm main adapter
  • 67, 72, and 77mm adaptor rings
  • 86mm landscape NC CPL
  • Filter pouch
  • V6 lens cap
  • Square filter cleaning eraser
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Air blower.

NiSi Starter Kit II for 150mm Plate Filters

The kit includes:

  • GND 0.9 Medium – 3 stops
  • ND64 IR – 6 stops
  • ND1000 IR – 10 stops
  • Caddy case for filters and all-in-one holder
  • Clever Cleaner for cleaning optical glass filters

The NiSi Starter Kit Generation II is compatible with any NiSi 150mm System holders and designed for landscape or seascape photographers and anyone who loves long exposure images. The case can hold up to seven filters.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Professional Kit + (Plus) Filters

The quality of NiSi optical glass for your drone.

  • ND4/PL filter, 2 stops
  • ND8/PL filter, 3 stops
  • ND16/PL filter, 4 stops
  • ND32/PL filter, 5 stops
  • ND64/PL filter, 6 stops
  • Enhanced CPL (Landscape) Polarising Filter
  • Natural Night NiSi filter
  • GND Soft 3 Stop (0.9)

This kit allows enhancing your drone-taken pictures with a great selection of filters and the high quality of NiSi optical glass. Thanks to the Natural Night filter, your drone can shot low-light photos and videos and get higher quality by reducing the light pollution directly at shooting.

Camera Remote Controls

Do you want impeccable results in long-exposure photography? A camera remote control is the only way you can eliminate camera shake during shooting and grant you the best outcome, especially with high-resolution images.

You may know it with other names too: wireless shutter release, wireless or remote trigger. I prefer to call it a camera remote control because it does exactly what this name says: it allows you to control your camera remotely and shoot hands-free. Here's my choice.

AODELAN WTR2 Camera Wireless Shutter Release Timer Remote Control

The AODELAN WTR2 is compatible with the main camera brands (Sony, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Panasonic & Olympus) and cover most of their models. It's ideal for time-lapse photography such as astrophotography and blooming flowers recording, just to mention a few.

It included a timer and a receiver and can work in wired or wireless mode. It's reliable and very easy to learn and use. For a full feature product, the price is quite fair. Judge by yourself looking at some users images and reviews.

Portable Hard Drive HDD

When you do long travel and shoot a lot, a memory card is not enough, especially when you take high-resolution photos and videos. You need a lot of storage space and an external USB hard drive is essential.

LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD

The HDD I'm suggesting is the perfect choice for adventure and long-travel photographers. This LaCie Rugged Mini is ultra-compact, portable (the smallest of its kind) and dust and water-resistant. Although tiny, the company declares it can resist under the weight of a 1-ton car and keep your data safe under extreme conditions.

The LaCie Rugged Mini hard drive is compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 on both Mac and Windows desktop and mobile workstations. I suggest the 5TB version, but you can find smaller sizes too.

Power Bank

Power banks are useful equipment to never lose charge during a shot so you won’t miss any occasion of taking pictures. The best power bank is a portable rechargeable battery, tiny but with enough capacity to offer you proper extra power for your camera during the trip…and make it last longer.

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

With just 356g of weight but a 20,100mAh capacity, the Anker PowerCore is easy to carry on. It features 2 USB ports, PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology. In the box, you’ll find the portable charger, a micro USB cable, a travel pouch, and a welcome guide.

It’s available in black and three other colours and the price is convenient.

Multi-Port USB Charger

Travel photography often requires the use of several devices (depending on your photography style and needs): smartphone, tablet, laptop, several cameras, drone, and more. Charging your equipment all at once can save you a lot of time and when you are on the go this is definitely an advantage.

RAVPower 6-Port USB Charger

RAVPower can charge up to 6 devices at once. So just one-time waiting and you are ready to go and start shooting and working again. It’s small (smaller than a smartphone) and doesn’t get hot when it’s under a full load.

It features the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to charge your device 4x faster and iSmart 2.0 technology to optimize the output.

Universal Travel Adapter

As a traveller, you should know perfectly that countries have different plug standards. Since you can’t purchase different devices for every single country. Well, you may do that if you have money to waste, but if you don’t have, the best and most convenient way to solve the problem is getting a universal travel adapter.

Universal Travel Adapter for USA EU UK AUS

The EPICKA travel adapter is a perfect companion when you go on a trip. I would buy it multiple times. Either you travel by train, car, motorbike or plane, you’ll need it every time you have to charge or power your devices.

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter covers over 150 countries with the EU/UK/USA/AU plugs. This is the greatest versatility you can get from a tiny device like this. For maximum comfort, it features 4 USB ports, 1 USB Type-C and 1 AC socket. It means you can charge 6 devices simultaneously (digital camera, tablet, laptop, iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, Xiaomi and other smartphones).

Camera/Lens Maintenance Accessories for Travel Photography

Cleaning the camera sensor

Rain Cover for Camera


Most of the professional cameras are tropicalized and protected against humidity, dust, sand, rain, and saltwater. Therefore, this accessory comes in handy with lower-level devices.

The OP/TECH USA Rainsleeve makes a shield from the elements (rain, snow, and sand) and you can't miss it if you like outdoor photography. It's compact and can be comfortably held in a pocket or bag. Made of plastic, it's designed for both handheld use and tripod application.

Pens for Cleaning

Lenspen Elitepro Cleaning Kit

For perfect crystal clear images, you need a perfectly clean camera. The Lenspen Elitepro Cleaning Kit is designed for DSLRs and works safely on all lenses, filters, telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, viewfinders, and other optical items without scratching or damaging them. It leaves no sprays, chemicals, liquid or residue.

This kit can remove fingerprints, dust, and grease. It includes:

  • LensPen
  • FilterKlear
  • MicroPro
  • MicroFibre Pouch

Rocket Blower

JJC Professional Air Blower Blaster

The JJC air blower cleans camera bodies, filters, lenses, and other sensitive electronic equipment thanks to one strong blast of air with no backflow. A special filter, applied at the intake of the blower, blocks everyday dust, quartz, and sand debris of over 21 microns of diameter.

In the package, you'll find:

  • 1 x Silicone Blower
  • 3 x Replaceable Filters
  • 1 x Plastic Spanner Wrench
  • 1 x Manual

Sensor Gel Stick

Eyelead Professional Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

Use this accessory to remove dust from the sensor of your camera efficiently and safely (no traces or marks left). The Eyelead stick has an adhesive rubber head with high viscosity that helps you get rid of those annoying dust particles.

Included in the kit, you get also 10 adhesive cleaning papers aimed to clean the stick head so that you can re-use it up to 100 times.

Microfiber Cloth and Lens Cleaner

Care Touch Microfiber

The CareTouch Microfiber cleaning cloths are wonderful in making any surfaces crystal clear and absolutely smudge-free. They are compact, soft, and lightweight. Moreover, they don't need any additional liquids to eliminate dirt.

The good news? They are effective not just on camera lenses but also on glasses, smartphones, tablets, computer screens, and any other delicate surfaces such as crystals and jewellery.
The pack includes 12 cleaning cloths that are machine washable and perfectly reusable.

Utility Tools for Storage and Photo Post Production

Backblaze Cloud Backup & Storage 

Backblaze Cloud Backup & Storage Services

Backblaze is one of the best cloud backup and storage services available today (maybe the number one). The company offers several storage solutions, for both personal and business use, including scalable cloud storage similar to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, but at a much cheaper price.

What do I like about this platform? It automatically backs up your external hard drive giving you safe extra storage at any time. With your data stored in two places simultaneously, you can keep your memory card free and use it over and over again.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing Software

Adobe Lightroom Library

Lightroom is a cloud-based service to edit, organise, create, store, and share your photos across all your devices. This is a wonderful and useful feature for any photographer on the go. It offers the well-known Adobe professional quality to make your pictures exactly as you want regardless of the device you use. In fact, any edits automatically apply to all of them wherever you go and whenever you do it thanks to the cloud storage at 20GB, 1TB or more.

Until a few years ago, this tool – like any Adobe product – was a pricey on-premises software. But now it's part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and available as a cheap monthly subscription plan. Instead of spending a thousand dollars (for any new release), you spend just a few bucks and can cancel any time.

It's worth a try, considering the high-level results you can get.

Start Your Photography Blog and Make it a Business

Travelling allows you to capture amazing moments and images. One of the best ways to use this content is blogging because you can profit from it just by telling your story. But to do that, you must learn all the secrets to make money with blogging. By reading How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online, you will learn how to turn your photography blog into a job, how to monetise your food blog, make your travel guide profitable, become a fashion blogger, earn a passive income from blogging /Vlogging and much more.

Photography is a wide field and industry with so many devices and accessories. What to use depends on your habits, taste, and photography style. This guide list what I think is the best photography equipment in 2020 explaining why I suggest them, the advantages, and where you can find the best deals. Which one do you use? What else would you suggest and add to the list?


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