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Discover the best photography resources, websites, and assets to complement your hobby or career. Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, you can support your work, improve your skills, and get better results through these free and premium resources.

Photography is a vast subject that requires specific tools and knowledge. Every photographer and artist can stand out from the competition by learning the right techniques and using the proper gear. There are many resources online, but the offers are overwhelming. To let you make the right choice, we've done the research and analysis for you.

Here are our recommendations and best selection of photography shops and gear, photo storage solutions, photo editing software, photography marketplaces, apps for photographers, and photography courses and websites. Read through this list to know the pros and features.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase something through them, I earn a small commission (that will help support this website) but you won't spend additional money. I'm not suggesting these links for the commission, but because they are useful photography resources I use personally for fun or work.

Photography Shops

Amazon doesn't need any presentation as an e-commerce platform and online marketplace. Its reputation precedes it.

There are over 16,000 categories on Amazon. Sellers from all around the world sell millions of products every day. One of them is the Camera and Photo session that lists thousands of photography products, accessories, and gears for amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals.

The available categories are digital cameras, lenses, flashes, tripods and monopods, lighting and studio products, binoculars and scopes, bags and cases, printers, scanners, and other accessories.

B&H is a brick and mortar store located in New York City. The company also trade online with an e-commerce store specialised in photography, film, music, audio, art, and technology.

B&H is an authorised seller of Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and more. It's been the USA’s premier photography store for over 40 years. On the B&H online store, beginners, hobbyists, and professional photographers can find products for the most common photography types (landscape, portraits, street photography, travel, wedding and events, aerial photography, sports, and wildlife).

Wex Photo Video (formerly called Wex Photographic and Warehouse Express) is one of the largest UK photo and video retailers with more than 20,000 products.

Wex Photo Video was established in 1997. It operates through 12 UK stores and an online shop. To date, Wex Photo Video is one of the most trusted photography stores with 41,980 customer reviews and a 4.9 rate on Trustpilot.

On, you can find great prices, attractive discounts, cashback offers, free next-day delivery, and finance with interest-free credit on selected products.

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Photography Gear

NiSi produces and distributes lenses, filters, and camera accessories in the USA. The company also ships to Canada and internationally. For Australia and New Zealand, it operates through dedicated online stores.

Why should you buy the Nisi filters and products?
Because of its build quality (solid and well-built) and superior glass filters and polarizing filters. They avoid losses in sharpness (mainly noticeable on high-resolution cameras).

If you are a landscape photographer, your work can become very easy when you need to use a grad filter and polarizer at the same time).

Manfrotto Photography Tripod an Camera Bag

Manfrotto manufactures and distributes camera and lighting support equipment such as tripods and heads, lighting stands, and bags. It distributes worldwide, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA, and Europe.

With an average rate of 4.5, people find the Manfrotto products affordable, well-built, and easy to use. The online shopping experience is good with clear descriptions and fast delivery service.

On the website, you can also find accessories for camera sliders, motion control, smartphones, drones, action cameras, VR, lighting control solutions, photographic filters, memory cards, and more.

Shimoda Photography Camera Bag

Shimoda is my first choice for adventure photography professional bags. Shimoda's camera bags and accessories are wonderful. They are lightweight, functional, durable, innovative, and last but not least stylish.

The company designed its products through a lot of real-world testing. They are perfect for outdoor action sport-focused adventure.

How much do you love nature and photography? Do you like snowboarding, skiing, trekking, mountain biking, aerial photography, and all the outdoor activities that need fast movement and agility? Then, you are going to love Shimoda too.

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Photo Storage

Backblaze Cloud Storage

Backblaze offers a cloud backup service. It's a great deal for all photographers and videographers. Photography and high-resolution photos and videos require a massive quantity of storage space.

In fact, how many hard drives would you need to safely store your 4K videos or the 400MP photos of a Hasselblad H6D-400C Multi-Shot used during a year of great and memorable adventures? You would need a lot of money, physical space, and hard drives (and you couldn't even bring them all with you).

Backblaze can help you thanks to its unlimited cloud backup service at a low monthly price. This means unlimited files and file size, fast and automatic backup of documents, images, videos, and more. This means access to your photography artwork anywhere at any time through the web.

SmugMug is the best place to store and share your landscape photos. But SmugMug is much more.

SmugMug is an all-in-one photography platform where you can store unlimited full-resolution photo storage, manage RAW files, build your portfolio and SEO-friendly website, upload our work from your mobile device, earn money by selling digital downloads, prints, wall art, gifts, books and albums

SmugMug has a SaaS business model and offers four paid plans plus a 14-day free trial.

Use SmugMug for photo hosting and display, beautifully designed and responsive portfolio templates, and a wide range of e-commerce options for making some profit with your photos. Are you ready to sell?

Zenfolio can be a kind of alternative to SmugMug: an all-in-one platform to show, share and sell your photos.

Like the counterpart, Zenfolio allows you to create your photography portfolio website in minutes by customizing ready-made templates.

What's the difference? Zenfolio is now available for video storage and offers multiple gallery options for different types of shoots. But there's more.

Zenfolio is a complete workstation for professional photographers. In addition to selling seasonal prints and photo gifts through Client Campaigns, you can boost your business through BookMe online scheduling. This feature syncs with your calendar, help your receive sessions and packages bookings, collect payments, and fulfil orders.

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Photography Editing Software

Adobe Creative Cloud is the most popular creative suit on the market and a professional standard for all photographers, graphic designers, and creatives.

With a monthly subscription, you can access and use over 20 creative cloud apps in multiple categories (photo, graphic design, video, illustration, UI and UX, PDF, social media, 3D and AR. All the apps run in the cloud and are always updated. As long as you keep your subscription, you can use the latest version.

Adobe Creative Cloud is the ideal one-stop-shop for any avid creative. The main Adobe apps and services for photographers are Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe Stock. The latter gives you access to high-quality royalty-free images, photos, graphics, vectors, illustrations, video footage, templates, and 3D assets.

SKYLUM Luminar is an easy to use AI-powered photo editor that promises to help you work faster. Luminar features 20+ unique photo effects and editing tools. It helps you retouch and enhance portraits and landscapes, remove details, and change skies with a few clicks.

How long does it take you to edit a picture and change the style manually with Photoshop? Luminar does it in 12 seconds. Doesn't it sound beautiful?

Imagine you travelled hundreds of miles to get the perfect shot, but you get bad (or wrong) weather. Luminar can transform the landscape in the blink of an eye by highlighting the details, adding atmosphere, and changing the sky.

And what about portraits? In just a few clicks, you can fix the face and skin, change the accent by cropping, and improve the focus on the irises.

Capture One is a photo editing software to give your images a true-to-life colour thanks to large panoramic stitches and HDR photos, shadow and contrast boosting, colour adjustments, layers, and masks.

Capture One is fast, powerful and efficient in making your photos look like you see them through your own eyes.

Compared to its closest competitor Lightroom Classic, Capture One stands out for its RAW image converter customised for more than 500 camera profiles. This makes the whole process super fast and the final results superb. On the website, you can see the style packs you can apply to your photos through the software (nordic lifestyle, film styles, B&W, and more).

You can try out Capture One for free for 30 days.

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Photography Marketplace

Getty Images is a 25-years-old stock photography agency. It's the largest and most popular imagery website in the world. Getty Images is a good choice for exclusive license images.

Getty Images offers over 35 million images available for free use (under certain conditions). It also has a large library of premium high-resolution images. The exclusive media are pricey but also valuable assets for large creative agencies operating in print, TV, and radio advertising.

As a photographer, you can join the company's marketplace and become a contributor for video, photos, and illustrations. You can send your application through the Contributor by Getty Images app. Just upload 3 to 6 samples of your work and then wait for a reply. After you are in, the editors will review all your artworks before making them available online for licensing.

Contributors can earn up to 20%-25% for stock photos or video or up to 45% on exclusive media.

Alamy is a British company selling almost 300 million stock photos, 360° images, vectors, illustrations, social, live news, and videos.

When you become a contributor, Alamy grants you up to 50% of any sale (the higher-than-average payout), non-exclusive terms, and no long-term contract. Are you a student? You can earn 100% commission for two years.

According to the company, 60,000 individual photographers and 600 international agencies contribute to its catalogue. As a user, this means you have plenty of choices (but the search can become time-consuming). As a photographer, remember you may find a lot of competition.

Some of their clients are big enterprises such as The Economist and Microsoft (big deals can be around the corner).

Enrollment for becoming a contributor is straightforward and takes a few minutes. Just fill in the online form with your information, and upload your images.

Shutterstock is the third stock image and marketplace on the list. On Shutterstock, you can buy and sell images, editorial content, photos, illustrations, videos, 3D models, vectors, and music.

Dated 30 September 2021, Shutterstock has over 390 million images in the catalogue spread over 36 macro categories. Shutterstock is well appreciated for its stock images, icons, and high-resolution photos.

So, are you a microstock photographer or planning to become one? You should put Shutterstock in your Top 3 list.

Based on reviews, despite the high number of media assets available online and uploaded every day, contributors say they derive 40% of their income from this marketplace. Royalty rates are between 20% and 30%, with some sales letting you make up to $120 per image.

From 2004 to 2019, Shutterstock has paid contributors almost $1 Billion. Europe is the largest market followed by Asia and North America.

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Photography Courses

KelbyOne is an excellent learning resource for photography, adventurers, and artworkers. On this learning platform, you can learn photography and photo editing techniques.

On KelbyOne, you will find location-based and studio-based lessons that make all the courses practical and understandable. Start learning on if you are (or want to become) a professional photographer working in the advertising, marketing, social media management, and creative industries.

You can find 152 photography instructors, 28 categories, and over 12,000+ learning resources (courses, lessons, tutorials, webcasts, and more).

PHLEARN sell online engaging photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom tutorials for professional photographers at any stage of their career.

PHLEARN sells photography courses worldwide and creates tutorials from scratch in its 8,000 sq ft studio.

You can give it a try by reading and watching the free tutorials. They can include sample images, PDF guides, PSDs, Photoshop brushes and templates.

The founder, Aaron Nace, and his company care about your creative growth. Even completing just a few modules, you can make a difference thanks to the concrete knowledge you get.

MasterClass is an online learning platform that stands out for celebrities and VIP instructors who share their experience, passion and knowledge with you. It offers a large variety of subjects. Among them, you can find Arts & Entertainment and Photography courses for enthusiasts.

Would you like to learn adventure photography with Jimmy Chin or filmmaking with Spike Lee, David Lynch, Marting Scorsese, and Jodie Foster?

Other pros are the well-made videos and the affordable price. In fact, for a few dollars a month, you can learn from famous faces and access all 100 classes across 11 categories.

Best Apps for Photographers

Even though you are a pro photographer, apps can make things faster and better. PhotoPills is an all-in-one app to plan your photography ahead of time. It shows you the right way, place, and time to take legendary photos.

PhotoPills is the ideal app for architecture and travel photography. It's perfect for shooting landscapes, portraits, the Milky Way, moon, lunar and solar eclipses, star trails, meteor showers, time-lapses, the sunrise, sunset, twilight, photos during the magic hours, and aerial photos with drones.

PhotoPills has a pretty steep learning curve. But for just $10, you get useful features such as 3D Augmented Reality, 2D Map-Centric Planner, and Calculators.

Hyperfocal Pro is a free Android app for pro photographers. It helps you avoid the guesswork for focusing and framing. It supports you in configuring the DSLR camera for a specific scenario and getting an accurate composition. The app features a comprehensive DSLR database and exchanges information with your camera sensor and lens.

The Hyperfocal Pro ensures perfect focus and zone of sharpness by calculating hyperfocal distance, depth of field, field and angle of view, and more with a graphical representation of the shooting scene.

Check the features and camera models supported: visit Google Play and download the app.

Pocket Light Meter is a photography app for iPhone (iPhone XS included). This app is ideal for film photography that uses manual cameras. How does it work? Pocket Light Meter measures reflected light and allows reciprocity calculations to get a well-exposed film.

The app is well-designed and thought-out. The author also removed the ads recently. The log feature is outstanding and worth the price. The app works like a dedicated light meter, but you can bring it everywhere in your pocket.

The layout is a bit outdated, but the app is intuitive and effective regardless. Therefore, I suggest it as a valuable photography accessory and replacement for a spot meter.

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Photography Websites

Digital Photography Review is a valuable resource for anyone passionate about the photography industry. The website provides authoritative information, articles, buying guides, expert news, reviews, and videos of digital cameras, lenses, and accessories. also offers photo challenges, image sample galleries, timelines, printers and phones reviews, and a forum.

Are you looking for new gear and need to know the pros and cons? Do you want to learn more about photography? Would you like to exchange your opinions, questions and answers with an active photography community?

On the DPReview website, you can find everything you need with plenty of choices. I can't imagine myself without it when I need reliable information from experts.

Cambridge in Colour is a learning community for photographers. The website offers books, tools, tutorials, and forums.

Tutorials are visual and focus on concept over the procedure. Therefore, you can apply them to any digital camera and lens (concepts and terminology, using camera equipment, editing and post-processing, colour management and printing, photo techniques and styles).

The photography tools help you understand the best camera settings and their impact on your photos. You can find information about timing and location, depth of field and resolution, subject size and speed, photo stitching and panoramas.

Are you ready to improve your skills in digital photography?

JuzaPhoto is an international photography network available in English and Italian. The design is pretty outdated, but the information and news it contains are worth a visit.

On, you can publish and display your artworks, create your profile and blog, make friends, and participate in a photography forum with like-minded people.

On the website, you can find also

  • 16 photo galleries for every photography genre such as landscape, portrait, wildlife, and sports
  • millions of photos,
  • specifications, samples, opinions, and reviews on cameras and lenses
  • articles and statistics
  • locations (the best places for reportage, nature and travel photography).


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